For a long time I was upset with lack of native support of Markdown in Blogger. Both manual editing of HTML and lame WYSIWYG editor are counter-productive. Recently I finally had time to search for solution - and here is almost a silver bullet: StackEdit. It can be used on-line or installed as a Chrome Plugin. This is the first post written with StackEdit.

For me it worked like this - hope that by the time you read it StackEdit will be further improved and it will be a bit simpler:

  1. Install plugin
  2. Create folder in GoogleDocs (unfortunately not available in StackEdit itself) and set up its synchronization in StackEdit (#/Synchronize/)
  3. Create folder for blog entries on local storage via StackEdit
  4. Create some document in StackEdit, write its content
  5. Unfortunately there’s no option to customize folder on document creation - so it has to be moved manually to spedific folder. Both in StackEdit and in GoogleDocs separately - unlike document content, location isn’t synchronized automatically.
    1 Publish the document on Blogger (#/Publish/Blogger)
  6. Go to Blogger and specify tags - unfortunately I didn’t find means to assign it directly from StackEdit
  7. If you edit the document and want to re-publish it - #/Publish/Update publication. Nice that StackEdit remembers where you’ve published it last time