• Spring WebFlow input patameters default values

    Due to strange WebFlow behaviour (possibly a bug) it was impossible for me to use a constant as a default input value - I was constantly getting OgnlException. So, I used following workaround. Suppose you have such input parameter in your flow definition and you want 'true' to be default value: <input name="myFlag" type="boolean"/> Then define some action state as initial state (<flow start-state="myFirstState">) and set default value there:
  • Dependency management in JavaScript

    Imagine web-application with lots of JavaScript code and CSS files which depend on each other. Each page needs specific JS and CSS files, but it's not always easy to say which exactly - pages are constructed from relatively independent parts. Moreover, some content which needs JS may be loaded asynchronously. So, I'm goin to make some research about flexible ways of dependency management with JavaScript and blog about it. RequireJS