• Markdown in Blogger

    For a long time I was upset with lack of native support of Markdown in Blogger. Both manual editing of HTML and lame WYSIWYG editor are counter-productive. Recently I finally had time to search for solution - and here is almost a silver bullet: StackEdit. It can be used on-line or installed as a Chrome Plugin. This is the first post written with StackEdit. For me it worked like this - hope that by the time you read it StackEdit will be further improved and it will be a bit simpler:
  • Sbt repository authentication

    Here is brief instruction how to access repositories protected by basic authentication from sbt - checked with version 0.13. That's how one would configure custom repository in .sbt file: resolvers ++= Seq( .. "MyRepositoryName" at "http://repository.host.com/nexus/content/repositories/releases", ... ) If repository requires authentication - sbt would just show rather meaningless warning and claim that artifact isn't found: [warn] ==== MyRepositoryName: tried [warn] http://repository.host.com/nexus/content/repositories/releases/... here goes path to artifact ... You'll need to know authentication realm returned by repository server in order to configure credentials.

    Funny thing - H2 in PostgreSQL compatibility mode requires that OFFSET should go strictly after LIMIT (like LIMIT 25 OFFSET 50). Otherwise it can't parse the query: error in SQL statement "SELECT .......... OFFSET 0 LIMIT[*] 25 "; expected "[, ::, *, /, %, +, -, ||, ~, !~, NOT, LIKE, REGEXP, IS, IN, BETWEEN, AND, OR, ROW, ROWS"
  • Scala protected methods aren't that much protected

    Just discovered weird behavior of Scala's protected methods: they're actually compiled to public methods in byte-code. Therefore if you try to override them in Java code with another protected method compilation will fail with something like this: "attempting to assign weaker access privileges; was public". After some googling I've discovered that other people also spotted this issue. I think such weird compiler behavior was needed because of access level mismatch in Scala and Java - but I thought that Scala's protected is more restrictive then Java's.
  • Integration test sources with eclipse-sbt

    Finally found this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23229864/how-can-i-show-a-source-directory-to-sbteclipse-without-adding-it-to-the-compile to a question: how to include integration test sources in Scala IDE (Eclipse) - just add the following line to your build.sbt: EclipseKeys.configurations := Set(Compile, Test, IntegrationTest)