• Lessons learned from serverless application development

    I’d like to share some experience from serverless pet project - photo gallery. The idea was to be able to browse family photos backed up to Amazon S3 storage service. They should not be publically available - only authenticated users must be able to browse. When browsing the photos they must be resized to screen size in order to avoid excessive traffic, resized photos must be cached for subsequent requests.
  • Are RESTful APIs over-valued?

    Nowdays RESTful APIs are usually considered to be the only reasonable way for communication between back-end and front-and, and default approach for communicating between separate back-end services. Lot of people consider RPC (remote procedure call) as a curse word. “It’s not RESTful”, “This is RPC” is often used as an ultimate reason why certain API should be discarded, and another designed instead. I used that grounding quite a bit as well, but such reasoning has a cargo cult smell.